Alexandra Pozzo

Yoga Instructor

Achieving her 200-hour certification at Blooming Lotus Yoga School in Bali, Alexandra discovered her love for yoga while working in corporate. Attending daily classes, her love for the practice and its ability to link the mind, body and breath inspired Alexandra to change careers and pursue further study in health sciences.

Now completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, Alexandra is passionate about yoga as an all-encompassing practice – with accessibility for all ages, fitness levels and body types.

She loves sharing her passion for yoga and delivers a range of styles including Power, Restorative and Yin Flow. In her Power Yoga classes at The Alignment Studio, Alexandra ensures all students feel welcome, comfortable and individually challenged.

With an understanding of the debilitating physical and emotional effects that injury and illness can cause, Alexandra believes in fostering a holistic approach to wellness in this hustling and bustling city of Melbourne.

I stay in balance by…

“Yoga practice is a fundamental part of my day to keep myself in balance. It sounds quite simple; however, when I feel super stressed, emotional or agitated, actively reminding myself of the blessings in my life is a great way to shift my mind set.”

Go-to yoga pose…

“Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide Leg Forward Fold). It’s an amazing stretch through the lower body, a lower back reliever and a great semi-inversion to flush the mind by allowing extra blood to pump to the brain.”

Top tip for a successful yoga practice…

“Don’t compare your practice to other people in a class! When postures feel too difficult, close the eyes and try not to overthink or judge your physical body. Just come back to your breath and let the body flow.”