Chris Kelly

Pilates Instructor

With a multi-faceted background in health and fitness, Chris is a skilled Pilates instructor who favours an individualised approach. Passionate about educating and empowering his clients in understanding their bodies, Chris uses Pilates as a modality to help them achieve their movement goals.

Having completed his Comprehensive Pilates education with Polestar Pilates, one of the leading courses tailored towards rehabilitation, Chris has a teaching technique that integrates modalities such as Franklin Method, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and NLP. He is currently in training to be a Polestar Mentor and is looking forward to shaping the new generation of Pilates instructors.

Having also completed studies in Chinese Medicine and Massage, Chris is constantly inspired by the Pilates Method and other forms of therapies and movement in building his individual approach to best help his clients. With an education in Civil Engineering, he is fascinated by biomechanics and problem-solving, and enjoys thinking on his feet to shape a class suited to the individual in front of him.

With meticulous attention to detail in his teaching, and a gentle and empathetic delivery, Chris creates a safe environment to explore movement. His teaching interests lie both in people very new to movement, and athletic bodies who strive to be challenged to their fullest potential.

The piece of advice I wish clients listened to…

“Be diligent with home-prescribed exercises as much as possible.”

Go-to stretch…

“The standing roll down is a wonderful movement to lengthen the posterior chain and allow for spinal articulation. It’s suitable for everyone and can be done anywhere.”

I stay in balance by…

“Maintaining a consistent movement practice, having nourishing foods and keeping a healthy social life.”