Holly Durant

Pilates Instructor

Holly is a passionate and deeply dedicated Pilates and movement teacher, educator and facilitator. A corrective and restorative movement specialist, she has been working in and with wellness and movement studios for nearly two decades. Holly is trained to the highest level of Pilates Instructors in Australia through the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) and holds a level 4 membership in the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

Early fascination with dance and movement led her to study classical ballet full-time at the Queensland Ballet studios (Diploma) then move on to specialise in contemporary dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (BA Hons). Holly has worked extensively as a professional dancer and choreographer, touring nationally and internationally and presenting work at many major international festivals and venues.

Her deep curiosity around movement has continued alongside her work as an artist, leading her to study many movement modalities: functional anatomy, ideokinesis, release technique and the Feldenkrais method—all of which are integrated into her methodology.

Holly's teaching approach centres around deepening each person’s understanding of their own unique bio-abilities and potentials, and builds pathways towards beautiful, strong, centred, easy and pain-free movement—for life!

What people need to know about Pilates…

“Pilates is a layered set of ideas, not just a workout you do once a week. The work is most powerful when ideas and shapes start to emerge in your day to day movements and habits, not just when you are in the studio. You are training your brain and body to remember and to evolve—even while you sleep!”

Go-to stretch…

“With the unique challenges of modern posture, both our working and playing shapes can leave the front of the hips in a constant state of shortness and imbalance. Finding that deep iliopsoas (hip flexor) stretch through assisted passive stretching can almost feel like a night’s sleep, or a stranger’s hip!”

I unplug, unwind and recharge by…

“I am a very big fan of bathing and heat therapies. Every culture around the world has unique and fascinating rituals around bathing, heating and regenerating the body.”