Jessica Gabrielli

Yoga Instructor & Foldenmove® Founder

Originally from Switzerland, Jessica is a holistic health practitioner, movement coach and yoga instructor at The Alignment Studio. A presenter and performance artist, she also travels internationally as founder of Foldenmove®, spreading interdisciplinary arts, leadership skills and healing workshops to help redefine health and wellness.

With a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College Of The Arts, Singapore, Jessica has spent the past three years leading educational, arts, health and wellness projects, combining human movement and creativity, across the world. Moving to Australia in 2014, Jessica furthered her studies in Human Movement and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation (FIA). She is also a registered yoga teacher (Senior Controlled Strength™ Coach, Hatha Yoga Teacher E-RYT), and an accredited CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Jessica, having two distinctive paths in her life—the one of arts, painting and choreography, and the other of human movement, self-healing and spirituality—has formed the philosophy of being a ‘Human In Training’™ for life, which she shares through her work with private clients and through Foldenmove®.

The piece of advice I wish clients listened to…

“You are not just your physical body; you are also your mental body and emotional body in every moment of your human experience. Train with intention and for self-integration.”

Go-to stretch…

“Spinal waving is one of the most healing and centring practices you could adopt. Spinal waves are a beautiful a way to stretch the spine and give it full freedom of movement.”

I unplug, unwind and recharge by…

“Movement Meditation is a vital and non-negotiable part and of my daily life. I also like going for a long walk in nature while listening to music, and spending quality time my favourite humans!”