Louise Anderson

TAS Team
Podiatrist in Melbourne Louise

Louise brings to The Alignment Studio an encyclopaedic knowledge of foot and ankle health, gained over 30-plus years as a podiatrist in Melbourne and the UK. Obtaining her podiatry/chiropody qualifications and completing additional study in local analgesia in London, Louise was soon lured our way by the call of a warmer climate and outdoor lifestyle.

Counting working with at-risk patients in Hammersmith Hospital (UK) and General Hospital in Footscray as a career highlight, Louise has worked extensively in both private clinics and the public health sector. With special interests in orthotic casting, ingrown/involuted toe nails, removal of corns and treatment of papillomas, Louise has operated a successful podiatry clinic in Melbourne CBD for over 20 years.

Regularly seeing patients with diabetes, poorly fitting footwear and hyperkeratosis (an over production of callus), Louise has always worked closely with physiotherapists, referring clients when a biomechanical second opinion is required. Now she is working under the same roof as our skilled physiotherapists at The Alignment Studio, clients won’t have to travel far for a complete musculoskeletal assessment—from the toes up.

Top tip for better foot health…

“Wear the correct footwear. And don’t try to ‘self-treat’ ingrown toenails at home!”

Favourite part of working in the CBD…

“The amazing variety of patients that come through the door.”

I stay in balance by…

“Doing yoga, riding my horse, playing with our dogs, eating well, doing environmental clean ups, trying to get enough sleep and spending time with family and friends. Also, seeing the glass as half full, and laughing as much as possible.”