Luisa Burgoyne

Pilates instructor

With a lifetime love of movement, it was while studying at the Queensland Dance School of Excellence that Luisa first discovered Pilates. Inspired by the creative approach her instructors used to improve her movement patterns, she decided to delve deeper into Pilates to rehabilitate her body.

However, it wasn’t until taking a break from all things movement to work in graphic design that Luisa decided to get serious with her practice. Realising her body wasn’t suited to long hours at a desk—and still carrying niggling dance and running injuries—she returned to Pilates. In 2013 she began her teacher training at Moss Pilates in London. Now a certified, Comprehensive Polestar Pilates practitioner, Luisa has also completed pre and postnatal Pilates training courses with Carolyne Anthony.

The Alignment Studio clients can expect a personalised approach in Luisa’s Reformer Pilates classes. Working not only with the body in front of her, but the personality attached, she ensures each client is empowered to explore their body’s unique capabilities.

What people need to know about Pilates…

“People of all ages, shapes, sizes, levels of strength, fitness and flexibility benefit from the Pilates method. It can be both prehab and rehab in one, and every exercise can be adjusted for the individual.”

Go-to stretch…

“The many versions of the mermaid (side bend) on any of the Pilates equipment, on the floor, or even just sitting at your desk. It stretches out your intercostal muscles that connect your ribs, allowing you to breathe more freely which in turn creates more mobility in your thoracic spine.”

I unplug, unwind and recharge by…

“Far too long, far too hot baths. Or when the weather is more enticing, long walks in nature with my dog.”