Madeleine Bong

Yoga Instructor

Having studied yoga under the guidance of teachers including Duncan Parviainen, Leigh Roy Houghton, Duncan Peak and Amy Leonard-King, California girl Madeleine made the big move to Melbourne in 2018.

Although she grew up surrounded by a family of yogis, Maddy found her personal passion for the practice relatively recently, after suffering from a spinal compression injury in early 2017. Yoga was the best rehabilitation for her, but her fascination with the lifestyle truly began when she noticed how it helped heal her relationship with herself and the people around her.

Teaching from her personal experiences, Madeleine creates a safe environment for her students to explore. In her classes at The Alignment Studio, she aims to give students the space to dive inwards and focus on their breath with the intention to settle the fluctuations of the mind. By doing so, Madeleine hopes each student can begin their own journey to find their true inner self.

Top tip for a successful yoga practice...

“Don’t judge yourself. The goal isn’t to hit fancy shapes. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally, honouring what your body is asking from you, and showing up with an open mind.”

Go-to yoga pose…

“Other than Savasana, my favourite pose is Half Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana). I love how I can release tension in my hip and glute on one side while stretching out my hip flexors on the other side. It’s a wonderful pose after a long day of sitting or a long hike!”

I unplug, unwind and recharge by...

“Nature. Art. Books. Loved Ones. My own personal yoga practice. Cooking. All the good things in life.”