Maree Stathoulis

Pilates Instructor

An enthusiastic, patient and skilled practitioner, Maree is passionate about guiding her clients towards getting the most out of their bodies.

Preferring a holistic and bespoke approach to her teaching, she draws on her own rehabilitation for a spinal disc injury and healing journey through movement, to give the best to her clients, wherever they are at in their health and wellness journey.

Having completed comprehensive studies with Tensegrity Training, a Pilates Alliance Australia accredited course, as well as 1 year of mentoring with some of the most experienced teachers in the industry, Maree is a qualified Clinical Pilates, Reformer and Mat practitioner. She has a particular interest in correcting unhelpful biomechanical patterns in the body that cause discomfort, injury and pain.

Maree’s additional practice as Reiki Healer brings experience and knowledge in balancing the nervous system, and the effect that the mind and emotions have on posture, alignment and muscle function.

Maree mentors Pilates students in their practical learning for Tensegrity Training and can take clients in studio or in 1:1 online sessions.

Recognised for her endless curiosity and dedication to learning, she brings authenticity, mindfulness and fun to her classes.

The piece of advice I wish clients listened to…

“Listen to your body! If you fall sick or feel pain, it's a message from your body that you need something, whether that be a treatment, nourishing food, exercise or rest.”

Go-to stretch…

“Cross-legged stretch...laying on your back. Crossing your legs over each other, then sending both knees over to one side gives an amazing stretch down the side of your body and into your upper back...heaven.”

I stay in balance by…

“Prioritising my morning routine to check in with myself every morning - a hot beverage, journalling, meditation and some sort of movement ensures i'm centred and focused for the day.”