Peony Fernandes

Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapist

As Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapist at The Alignment Studio, Peony is skilled in the management of pelvic floor conditions and bladder and bowel incontinence. A La Trobe University Physiotherapy graduate with post-graduate qualifications in Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation from the University of Melbourne, she has a wealth of experience gained over 25 years in both private practice and the public sector.

Peony’s interest in pelvic health commenced when, as a young physiotherapist at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, she was introduced to the significant role physiotherapy can play in Obstetric and Gynaecology care through to Oncology. From here she went on to work at a number of public Continence Services where she was exposed to the challenges of more chronic pelvic floor disorders and incontinence in both sexes.

More recently, Peony has worked as Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist at the Functional Gut Disorders Clinic at Alfred Health alongside Gastroenterologists, Psychologists and Dieticians. This progressive approach allows a greater role to be played by allied health practitioners alongside medical staff in the management of chronic bowel conditions.

Peony enjoys the scope of private physiotherapy practice to benefit the ordinary person on the street with or without a doctor’s referral, and is thrilled to be part of The Alignment Studio team.

Top tip for better pelvic health…

“Practise good bladder and bowel habits, and make pelvic floor awareness part of daily life.”

Yoga or Pilates?

“Both. Yoga for relaxation, stretching and strengthening. Pilates for building core muscle strength and improving function.”

I stay in balance by…

“Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, reading, listening to jazz and playing the piano. I love to travel and hope to travel again extensively some day.”