Shani Nanayakkara

Pilates Instructor

As a Physiotherapist with a passion for healthcare and fitness, Shani commenced her Pilates training during the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of gaining an invaluable new skill. She immediately fell in love with the Pilates Method and found she created a body alignment that improved her posture as well as her physical and mental wellbeing.

Having experienced the positive effects Pilates had on both her body and mind, Shani was determined to inspire others to discover the positive impact of Pilates. As a result, Shani successfully completed a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction and graduated from National Pilates Training in Melbourne.

Having been taught by some of the best and most experienced Pilates Instructors in Melbourne, Shani gained an abundance of knowledge and skill in the Pilates Method. She now works with a clientele of all ages specialising in clinical, pre-natal and post-natal Pilates.

Shani strongly believes all people can practice the Pilates Method and that they will benefit greatly from it to establish improved movement, strength and mind-body connection.

The piece of advice I wish clients listened to…

Everyday is different. So, listen to your body and understand what your body needs for the day.

I unplug, unwind and recharge by…

Doing my own Pilates stretch routine and having a cup of warm cinnamon and honey tea to unwind the day.

I stay in balance by…

Prioritising my tasks in a way so I have enough time for self-care and to spend with my loved ones.

Top tip for better musculoskeletal health…

Explore and find your own strength, boundaries, limitations and excel within your range. The opportunities will always be endless.