Tara Doherty

Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

Tara is a qualified nutritional therapist and health coach, having graduated from the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. A mother of three teenage children raised throughout a corporate career, she brings to The Alignment Studio clients a true understanding of the challenges of achieving balance and a healthy lifestyle while dealing with ‘the juggle’.

Specialising in gut health and the interconnected role food plays in managing physical and mental health, Tara adopts a holistic philosophy to wellbeing that combines nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction techniques. Her passion is uncovering the ‘why’ behind your symptoms, and she is able to provide advanced diagnostic testing that dives deep into your hormones, digestive function, metabolism and genetics.

Dealing with everything from leaky gut to digestive health, sports nutrition and healthy weight loss, Tara will help you reach your wellness goals in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. You’ll also benefit from her customised eating plans—chock full of simple, great tasting, nutritionally balanced meals to complement your body and your life!

In addition to her integrative nutrition qualifications, Tara is a certified meditation teacher and is currently undertaking courses in mindfulness, The Science of Happiness and completing a Masters of Herbalism. A 200-hour qualified yoga instructor, she often uses her training to guide clients through a range of breathing exercises that are the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.

Top tip for better nutrition…

“Eat more dark leafy greens.”

Go-to snack…

“Raw cashews.”

I stay in balance by…

“Prioritising human connection, laughter, family and friendships, eating nutritious food, daily movement, hydration, meditation, enjoying a glass of red wine and getting plenty of good-quality sleep.”