Pilates Melbourne CBD


Discover Premier Pilates Classes in Melbourne CBD: Strength, Flexibility, and Wellness Await

In our cutting-edge boutique Pilates Melbourne CBD studio, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, we offer a range of class styles to accommodate and challenge every individual, from the absolute beginner to the experienced and ultra-fit.

Our melbourne cbd pilates studio is home to experienced pilates instructors who leverage the Pilates method to help you build strength and increase flexibility. We also offer small group classes for a personalised experience.

With a mix of Studio, Reformer Pilates and Clinical Pilates classes on the schedule, our experienced pilates instructors cater to office workers with chronic back pain through to elite athletes looking to elevate their performance, new mums returning to exercise, and those simply seeking a fun and effective total body workout.

Our classes focus on offering diverse benefits to everyone from the absolute beginner to the ultra-fit. This unique approach and the breadth of our offerings, couple with our prime location in Melbourne CBD, have made us a top choice for those seeking the best reformer Pilates in Melbourne.

At our melbourne CBD pilates studio we keep our class sizes small and intimate, providing an environment much like a yoga studio. In our small group classes, you’ll enjoy plenty of personalised attention from our pilates instructors, helping you optimise your Pilates journey.

What is Pilates?

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century, Pilates is a method of mindful movement with diverse benefits that extend far beyond fitness. Safe, effective and low-impact, the Pilates method improves function within your centre in order to create more efficient movement patterns.

Built on 6 Principles—concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing—Pilates is the most inclusive form of movement therapy available. A firm favourite among physiotherapists, it addresses imbalances in the body and helps to improve posture, flexibility and mobility, while toning and strengthening from top to toe.

Why Do Pilates?

Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, reduce pain, build core strength or rehabilitate from injury, there are countless reasons to practise Pilates. And there is a style of Pilates class to suit every individual.

Some of the many benefits of Pilates include:

  • Improved breathing
  • Improved strength and fitness
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Greater core strength and stability
  • Better posture
  • Greater body awareness
  • Improved body tone
  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Safe rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved pelvic floor health and education
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Injury prevention
  • Healthier movement patterns

Conditions Pilates Can Assist With

Pilates can be very beneficial in the management of, and rehabilitation from, various types of pain, injury and dysfunction. It may assist with:

  • Neck or back pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Balance and coordination dysfunctions
  • Restricted mobility
  • Pre and postnatal health
  • Women’s health and pelvic floor health
  • Joint injuries or pain (e.g. knee/ ankle/ shoulder/ hip)
  • Heel pain (or plantar fasciitis)
  • Propensity to hyperextension

Please note: If you are suffering from an acute or chronic injury, you will most likely need to start with our Clinical Pilates classes. These are therapeutic, evidence-based small group and individual physio sessions that incorporate Pilates-based equipment and movement. Led by skilled physiotherapists, these sessions require an initial assessment, as well as regular clinical reviews. Depending on your cover, your private health fund may offer rebates.

Our Express Reformer Pilates Classes

If you think Pilates is ‘easy’, ‘boring’ or ‘just stretching’, think again. Delivering a challenging total body workout in 45 minutes, our Reformer classes are the perfect antidote to a long day spent sitting at your desk. Classes are performed on (and around) a Pilates Reformer bed, and include a dynamic mix of strengthening, lengthening and core stabilising moves.

Ideal for everyone (other than those with acute injury), Reformer Pilates at The Alignment Studio will challenge your balance and coordination, while improving your posture, mobility, body awareness and endurance. Enjoy individual attention, with a maximum of 4 per class. Casual classes and multi-packs are available. Visit Class Info for full details.

Our Pilates Studio Classes

The Alignment Studio also runs private and semi-private Studio Pilates classes with a maximum of 3 per class. The small class size allows our clients to receive an exceptional level of information, care and attention. The dedicated instructors utilise an extensive range of Pilates apparatus such as: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Foot Corrector. Studio Pilates classes are completely tailored to the individual based on how they present on the day, and short/long term movement outcomes are taken into consideration when creatively curating a session.

The scope of Studio Pilates includes pre/post-injury rehabilitation, people new to a movement practice, pre and postnatal women, injury-free people and amateur/elite athletes. The pilates instructor’s approach to a session is modified according to the individual’s needs. All Studio Pilates classes run for 50 minutes.

At the Alignment studio, clients will typically begin with 3-4 Private sessions. After this, the clients and instructor will touch base and decide on either continuing with Privates or moving into Semi-Private classes.

Want to improve your core strength, flexibility and fitness? Book a Pilates Melbourne CBD class at The Alignment Studio today, and see why we are considered one of the best pilates studios in Melbourne!