Postural Analysis

Break bad habits, reduce fatigue, improve movement

Your mum wasn’t nagging—posture IS important! Referring to how you hold your body upright against gravity as you stand, sit, or even lie down, posture is the foundation for movement. While correct posture enhances the body’s ability to deal with stresses placed upon it, poor posture inhibits it.

As Melbourne CBD physios we see firsthand how poor posture can quickly become a matter of habit, particularly for desk-bound workers. Over time, poor posture can cause fatigue and place strain on the muscles, ligaments and joints. This can in turn result in pain, impaired movement and sometimes injury.

At The Alignment Studio, we are passionate about your posture! We offer a computerised postural analysis, using cutting edge screening technology to determine which areas of your body are under the most strain. This allows us to tailor an exercise and treatment plan to correct any imbalances, improve your posture and help reduce any pain you are experiencing.

To uncover the cause of your back or neck pain, book a postural analysis at The Alignment Studio today!

To our Valued Clients

Your health and wellbeing is our priority. In light of the escalated measures to contain COVID-19, it is with a heavy but hopeful heart I have made the decision to temporarily close the studio effective 5pm Wednesday, 25 March 2020.

In the 30+ years Collins Place Physio and The Alignment Studio have been offering health support to the people of Melbourne, we have never had to close our doors. However, I feel I have a duty of care to both my staff and everyone in our community.

I will be closely following the updates from the Federal and State Governments and will communicate as soon as we are able to reopen.

During the closure, should you have any questions relating to your current treatment plan, you can contact your treating practitioner via email. All patients are also welcome to contact me directly at

Thank you for your support of The Alignment Studio. Our patients and clients make The Alignment Studio a great place to work and the whole team looks forward to welcoming you back into the studio soon.

I would like to wish you and your loved ones strength, courage and most of all good health as we go through this challenging time together.

Warm regards,

Pete Hunt