Treatment of (Jaw) TMJ Dysfunction Melbourne

Treat TMJ Dysfunction & Alleviate Jaw Pain

Experiencing facial pain, noisy clicking when yawning or eating, headaches, tinnitus or neck pain? You could be suffering from TMJ or jaw dysfunction, either as a result of an accident or your lifestyle (hello, slouchy). Rest assured that, whatever the cause, The Alignment Studio, a leading TMJ clinic in Melbourne, can assist you with comprehensive TMJ treatment with our physio for tmj to reduce your tmj pain and help get things moving smoothly again.

What Is TMJ Or Jaw Dysfunction?

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint disorder or, in simpler terms, jaw joint. Our two TMJs allow the jaw to be suspended under the skull. They occur where the hollow in the under-surface of the side skull bone meets a rounded prominence at the top of the jaw bone (mandible). TMJ syndrome or dysfunction arises when, for reasons such as arthritis, trauma or stress, the jaw joint is unable to perform in its normal way.

Signs of TMJ Dysfunction

Not all ear aches are due to infection, and discomfort in this region can often be jaw related, due to the TMJ’s positioning. Each TMJ is located immediately in front of the ear which explains symptoms such as a blocked ear, ear ache, or noises when moving the jaw which are not heard by others.

Other tmj disorder symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • Pain in the TMJ region
  • Altered sensation in the teeth
  • Neck pain
  • Joint noises such as popping, clicking and grating

Causes of TMJ Dysfunction & Jaw Pain

TMJ disorders can stem from:

  • Various arthritic and soft tissue conditions
  • Long-term bad TMJ habits, such as clenching and grinding teeth, nail biting, chewing gum, and forced opening of jaw, e.g. when yawning
  • Poor posture
  • Poor coping mechanisms when stressed, resulting in tensing of facial and jaw muscles
  • Trauma from direct or indirect (e.g. whiplash) blow
  • Poor occlusion, such as absent or poorly positioned teeth
  • Keeping jaw open for prolonged periods, e.g. during lengthy dental procedures

Physiotherapy For TMJ Dysfunction

With a keen interest in TMJ treatment and over 30 years’ physiotherapy experience, The Alignment Studio’s Peter Bond is your go-to for TMJ physiotherapy in Melbourne. Having undergone extra study in TMJ dysfunction, Peter is able to give practical advice on the usage of the jaw, while improving joint movement and muscle function via techniques including mobilisation, massage, gentle stretching, strengthening, dry needling and postural correction.

It is important to note the TMJ works in conjunction with many other body parts, including the TMJ of the opposite side. Therefore, the involvement of a team of health professionals is often required to address the various issues concerning a patient’s jaw pain and dysfunction.

Want to reduce jaw pain and improve your TMJ function? Book an appointment with our esteemed jaw pain specialist, Peter, to begin TMJ treatment today!