Yoga Melbourne

Realign body & mind with Yoga in Melbourne CBD

At The Alignment Studio, we believe true wellness requires an integrated approach, with practices that align the body, mind and spirit. Within this perspective, yoga is a methodical and systematic discipline and set of techniques for achieving union and harmony.

To help our clients achieve this balance, we offer small group and individual yoga classes. Designed by physiotherapists alongside qualified yoga instructors, our Power and Yin classes are the safe and personalised way to practise yoga in Melbourne CBD.

Benefits of Yoga

A 5000-year-old science, yoga is a fully-integrated health promoting tool, making it unique from other medical approaches or exercise trends. Combining physical postures, movements, mental concentration, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation, it can affect our quality of life and self-awareness. Each part of the practice has specific purposes, and all combine to help develop a focused awareness of what is happening to the practitioner physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

With classes designed by physiotherapist and yoga instructor Berna, and taken by qualified yoga instructors, yoga at the Alignment Studio has the following benefits:

  • Improved body awareness
  • Stimulated digestive system
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved blood circulation to muscles and internal organs
  • Balanced reproductive hormones
  • Safe, evidence-based practice – classes are designed with physios and taken by qualified yoga teachers
  • Small group classes – maximum of 6 students allows individual attention

Our Yoga Classes

Catering for beginners through to experienced yogis, both small group (maximum 6 students) and individual yoga classes are available at The Alignment Studio.

In the Vinyasa style, our Power Yoga classes include the use of physical postures (asanas), movements, breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation—all very effective methods for the prevention and management of all-pervading stress. Vinyasa flow and deep breathing together create internal heat, which purifies blood and removes toxins, and the continual flowing movements of vinyasa stretch muscles and allow the body to nourish with oxygenated blood.

Where our Power Yoga classes are energising, our Yin Yoga classes are deeply relaxing. During a Yin class, you’ll hold static floor-based poses or stretches for an extended period. Breathing deeply into each pose will allow the body to safely and progressively open.

Understanding students’ individual differences and limitations is crucial in The Alignment Studio’s clinical yoga classes. With their anatomical knowledge, our physiotherapists/yoga teachers create safe individual physical adjustments and proper alignments for each student. Casual yoga classes, multi-packs and unlimited weekly memberships are available. Visit Class Info for full details.

Yoga For Beginners (Or New Clients)

New to yoga? We’ll take good care of you. All yoga classes at The Alignment Studio cater for beginners through to experienced yoga practitioners, with individual adjustments made to ensure every student is sufficiently challenged and supported. If you are new to the studio (and especially if you are new to yoga), please arrive a few minutes early to introduce yourself to your instructor. Please inform them of any pain you are experiencing and any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. If your injury is acute, it is advisable to see a physiotherapist for assessment before joining any yoga or Pilates class.

Want to boost your mind-body connection, while enjoying a top-to-toe workout? Book your Melbourne CBD yoga class at The Alignment Studio today!