Biomechanical Assessment Melbourne

Prevent injury & Enhance Performance

The Alignment Studio’s Jane Lau and Conor Brennan are highly skilled in biomechanical assessment, using the Functional Movement Screen and Y Balance test. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a simple and effective musculoskeletal screening tool that is useful for athletes and active individuals alike. Originally conceived in the US for college athletes, the FMS assesses seven fundamental movement patterns.

Assessing joint mobility and stability, it identifies any weaknesses and asymmetries in the body. A total score out of 21 is given, with a score of 14 or less pointing to increased risk of injury for athletes.

Jane uses the FMS, alongside the Y Balance test, to identify patients with imbalances and movement issues that put them at risk of injury. They then prescribe a corrective exercise program to restore normal movement patterns, reduce injury risk and enhance performance.

To improve your performance and prevent injury, book your biomechanical assessment at The Alignment Studio today!