Kayla Douglas

TAS Team
Pilates Instructor

Originally from WA, Pilates instructor Kayla is passionate about movement in all its forms – on and off the Reformer. Attending a specialised arts high school in Perth for contemporary dance, she moved to Melbourne upon graduating to pursue further studies and received an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Dance.

After suffering a major shoulder injury in 2018, Kayla was introduced to Pilates as part of her rehabilitation program. Not only did she see incredible results with her shoulder, but she saw massive improvements in her dancing and felt more connected and attuned to her body than ever before.

Driven by her desire to help others discover their movement potential and nurture a greater connection with their bodies, she completed a Diploma of Integrated Pilates with Bruce Hildebrand in 2020.

Kayla’s approach to Pilates teaching draws inspiration from diverse movement modalities and somatic practices. Enriched by her dance background, it also incorporates elements from the Franklin Method, Kinstretch, Yoga, TRE and more.

Continuously seeking new experiences to inform her practice, Kayla offers our clients a holistic approach to movement that combines fluidity, precision and exploration.

While not teaching at TAS, Kayla works as a choreographer in contemporary dance. She is also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Business at Deakin University to enhance her diverse skill set.


Don’t overlook your feet! They are a complex structure made up of 26 bones along with numerous small muscles, tendons and ligaments that work together to support your entire body. Having strong but supple feet is imperative for overall musculoskeletal wellbeing.


Shoe-lace pose followed by pigeon pose as they free up my pelvis and alleviate my sacrum pain.


Prioritising rest. By carving out downtime I have seen improvements in my physical health, mental clarity, productivity, and overall quality of life.