Meet Integrative Nutritionist, Tara Doherty

Pip Jarvis
Tara Doherty Integrative Nutrition Coach Melbourne

Looking for a nutritionist in Melbourne CBD who can translate how your diet is impacting your mood, energy levels and waistline? Then let us introduce you to Tara Doherty, The Alignment Studio’s amazing Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach. Available for consultations two days per week, Tara takes a holistic—and realistic—approach to resolving many common ailments and uncomfortable physical symptoms, many of which can originate in your gut.

A graduate of the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, Tara is also certified in The Science of Happiness (Berkeley University, California) and a qualified yoga instructor. Read on to learn more about Tara and discover how integrative nutrition and health coaching can benefit you.

What’s the best part of working as a nutritional therapist?

I love seeing the rapid transformation in people when they take even a few small steps toward improving their diet and lifestyle. Changes can be small but really impactful like a reduction in joint inflammation that improves movement, or a concerted boost in their energy levels, or it might be improvements in their sleep patterns. Sleep is critical to your performance, memory, weight and overall wellbeing.

What excites you about joining The Alignment Studio?

Collaborating with a team of likeminded people who take a holistic approach to help clients heal with lifestyle changes necessary to reach their individual health goals.

Who is your typical client?

Exhausted, stressed and living through the haze of sugar addiction, chronic pain, digestive distress and excess weight.

What’s unique about your approach as an Integrative (or Holistic) Nutritionist?

My approach empowers clients to be the leaders and nurturers of their own health and to understand we’re all bio-individually unique—one person’s food can be another person’s poison. Sometimes testing is required to understand the complete picture, such as identifying food intolerances, microbiome health, healthy weight DNA, allergies and hormonal imbalances.

What’s the biggest mistake most of us make with our diets?

It can be really hard to navigate the food choices available to us. We might choose a fruit juice, yoghurt or salad sandwich thinking it’s healthy, when in reality the sugar, additives and other contents make them far from a healthy choice. Most people are chronically dehydrated and addicted to sugar.

Is the importance of gut health over hyped?

Absolutely not! I believe gut health is the foundation to good physical and mental health. I’m fascinated by the gut-brain axis and the interconnected role nutrition plays in our brain health, anxiety, depression and dementia. Food and mood are inextricably linked.

One piece of advice you wish your patients listened to…

Value your sleep!

What’s your personal approach to wellness?

Spending time in nature makes my soul happy. Whether it’s the beach or the mountains, I prioritise this in my life. I have a regular meditation and yoga practice to assist with minimising stress and bring a spiritual element to my day. I walk my dog and aim for seven to eight hours sleep. I also believe relationships are as vital to your wellbeing as genetics, so I spend time nurturing mine.

To transform your diet and enjoy greater vitality, call us on 9650 2220 to book your integrative nutrition and health consult with Tara. Alternatively, book online.