7 Health Resolutions to Make for 2018

Pete Hunt

Only managed to make it to the gym three times last year? No matter, 2018 has arrived, which means it’s time for a fresh new set of health resolutions! Don’t worry, though – we’re not talking ultra-marathons or the keto diet! Here are seven healthy resolutions that are easy to make, and really not too hard to stick to. Leading to a better, healthier and happy you, in 2018 and beyond!

1. Try strength training

If you think cardio is enough to keep you in tip top condition, think again. Not only will strength training help you fit into your jeans by promoting lean muscle mass and a faster metabolism, it has real benefits for your posture and mobility. Read all about strength training here.

2. Move more at work

If you’re one of those people who chains themselves to their desk for a solid eight-odd-hours, you’re not doing yourself ANY favours. You’ve probably heard that “sitting is the new smoking”. It might sound extreme, but it’s not far off. Sitting for extended periods puts a huge amount of strain on the lower back and spine, and it doesn’t burn off that breakfast bagel, either.

So, make a conscious effort to MOVE. Get up from your desk regularly, use your legs rather than email Larry in accounts, go outside for lunch, and suggest a walking meeting every once in a while. As for your desk set up, now’s the time to make sure good ergonomics are at work.

3. Remove 3 things from your bag

Slinging a heavy bag over your shoulder causes a downward tilt which you’ll usually compensate for by enlisting your neck and shoulder muscles. Leading to strain and pain in the neck, back or shoulders, and sometimes headaches as well.

Avoid overloading the area by carrying the bare necessities. If your handbag’s the size of a small country, resist the temptation to fill it. Swap your hardback for a Kindle, leave your brolly at home on sunny days, and cut back to a single lipstick. Your body will thank you.

4. Clean out your pantry

Extreme diets are destined to fail, and make you a misery guts, but some simple common sense works a treat. For your overall health, even if not for your waistline, try to eat more whole, unprocessed foods, and cut back on anything refined or pre-packaged. And steer clear of foods whose colour is never seen in nature.

5. Practice better posture

Most of us start off with naturally good posture, evidenced by the ‘S’ curved spine, ease of movement and lack of aches and pains in young kids. However, as we grow up, many of us develop poor postural habits like slouching and jutting our chin forward, which can lead to muscle fatigue and tension, pain and weakness.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to correct posture, but what if you’re not even sure what you’re doing wrong? A thorough postural analysis at The Alignment Studio will give you the tools to see you walking – and sitting – tall in 2018.

6. Make self-care a priority

Think about how often you say no to others, then think about how often you say no to yourself. No, you don’t have time to go to yoga, you have to finish that report. No, you can’t cook yourself a healthy meal, you have to drive the kids to basketball. No, you can’t read that novel, you have to call your mum back…

Constantly ignoring your own needs is the fast track to ending up in a heap come July. So, make this year the first where you schedule in plenty of self-care activities to keep your motor running. Regular exercise, however gentle, has countless health benefits, as does massage. Not convinced? Here are seven reasons to lay on that treatment table.

7. Build your core

A strong core helps improve your balance and stability, and helps prevent injuries and back pain. Book a Pilates class to improve your core stability.