Found: Thongs That Love Your Feet!

Pete Hunt

Thongs are an Aussie staple; the perfect breezy footwear to take us from beach to BBQ. But ask any physio from Melbourne to Maroochydore and they’ll not exactly be singing the praises of this flimsy footwear…

So, at The Alignment Studio, we’re delighted be offering a healthier alternative this summer! Enter Archies Arch Support Thongs – physiotherapist-developed orthotic thongs that love your feet, thanks to some subtle(!) but effective arch support. The phrase ‘orthotic thongs’ isn’t sexy, but you seriously wouldn’t be able to distinguish Archies from Havaianas in a line up. Only your feet will know the difference!

What’s so bad about regular thongs?

Firstly, they’re flat and offer no support. This is especially problematic for those with increased pronation. When the foot (and subsequently the lower leg) rolls inwards, it alters the way stress and strain are absorbed through the body, potentially causing injury.

Thongs can cause issues for high arches. People with high arches typically take increased stress on the outside of the foot and leg, which can cause injury over time. Arch support helps to more evenly distribute the load across the foot.

The strap is loose. When you walk, your toes are supposed to bend upwards, which activates the arch of the foot. However, most typical thongs have a very loose strap which means you’ll claw your toes to keep your shoes on. The arch therefore doesn’t activate and the foot comes under increased stress, which may lead to damage to the ligaments and joints.

And a flat heel. This can put a lot of stress and strain on the calf and Achilles, causing issues such as Achilles tendinopathy.

They’re banned. Many elite sports teams which have actually banned their athletes from wearing flat thongs!

What’s so great about Archies?

Archies Arch Support Thongs are stylish, uber-comfortable orthotic thongs designed by a young Melbourne physio who got tired of nagging clients about flat thongs. Archies address the issues above with a patented orthotic design in a soft, non-irritating foam (no rubber or latex). Available in six colours, Archies are guaranteed to be the comfiest thongs you’ve ever worn!

Also ideal for indoors, they cushion the feet against hard floorboards and tiles. We recommend them to clients with plantar fasciitis, too, to support and protect the arch while it’s healing.

Archies Arch Support Thongs are available at The Alignment Studio for $40 and make the perfect gift-to-self this Christmas! Ask our team to show you the correct fit for your new favourite thongs.

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