Our New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

Pip Jarvis
New Year resolutions 2020

Whether you need to move more, drink more water or spend more time with friends, the new year is the perfect time to think about how you can live a more balanced life. We’re definitely not about denial or punishment when it comes to your diet and exercise regime, but we do think it’s good to try and make small, incremental changes. So, in case you’re in need of some inspiration, here are The Alignment Studio team’s wellness resolutions for 2020. Cheers to a happy, healthy year!

My resolutions are based around some more self-care after a rather crazy hectic 2019 workwise. My goal is to get more sleep and taking the time to read more books. Happy to take recommendations! I’m also resolving to continue to educate more people about the amazing team of health professionals at The Alignment Studio!
Pete, Director & Senior Physiotherapist

My wellness resolution for 2020 is to run a half marathon sub 1hr 40mins. This will be my second attempt and will require a graded running program to increase distance/speed as well as strength, power and plyometric work…but more importantly, consistency of training and facilitating it with the correct diet!
Naiha, Physiotherapist

In 2020, I hope to explore my curiosities and playfulness in all aspects of my life. I endeavour to bring this into my movement practice and in my outlook as a movement teacher.
Chris, Studio Pilates Instructor

My health and fitness goals for 2020 incorporate looking after my spiritual needs through daily meditation and regular time in nature, and I’m excited to dive deeper into my yoga practice. I want to have positivity and flow be my natural state. I will plan a couple of fun trips with my girlfriends, embracing living in the moment, deep talks and belly laughs. Lastly, I have a longstanding invitation to join a cycling group with some wonderful individuals, so it’s time to overcome my fear of road bikes and hit the velodrome for some much needed practice. I love the idea of combining exercise with socialising!
Tara, Nutritional Therapist

I aim to get enough sleep so I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. That includes no emails after midnight! I’ll also try to be better organised at work and at home. I hope to exercise more, have a glass half full approach to life and smile more.
Peony, Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapist

I aim to stay calm and not react emotionally to things I may not agree to.
Sana, Clinical Remedial Massage Therapist

My new year’s resolutions are as follows: to try and run 5kms in 20mins! To do a handstand and also try and meditate more.
Conor, Senior Physiotherapist

My wellness resolution for the New Year is to get back into my Chunky Move contemporary dance classes and get along to some Yoga and Pilates classes too. It’s a welcome break to be told what to do sometimes and it definitely makes me a better teacher as I pick up different ways to describe movement and I get to move my body in different ways. More weekend dance floor ‘movement’ is also a must for 2020. 
Luisa, Pilates Instructor

Looking to improve your movement, diet, energy levels and performance in 2020? Ask us how our friendly team can help!