9 Easy Ways to Sneak More Exercise Into Your Day

Pete Hunt

The benefits of exercise extend far beyond a slimmer waistline. Slotting regular exercise into your weekly routine results in more energy, a sunnier mood, better sleep, reduced incidence of illness and chronic disease, and a sharper mind. And while a mix of resistance training and cardio is ideal, incidental exercise can also have a big impact.

To get you sitting less and moving more, here are 9 of our favourite easy ways to sneak more exercise into your day. It all adds up and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards – especially if you spend half your waking hours glued to your desk!

1. Schedule walking or standing meetings

Who says meetings have to be in the board room sitting on your backsides? Suggest al fresco walking meetings to your boss, and take your one-on-one reports for a whip around the block for the weekly WIP. Clever companies are also increasingly introducing large standing desks into their meeting rooms and running stand up meetings.

2. Stretch while you watch TV

Instead of Netflix and chill, think Netflix and hamstring stretch. TV-time is the perfect time to squeeze in those often-neglected stretches, or get to work with your trusty foam roller or spiky ball. Your tight and tired body will thank you.

3. Get a dog!

Human’s best friend is sure to get you out and about more, as dogs need to be walked twice daily – rain, hail or shine.

4. Work out while you socialise

Instead of scheduling all social activity around drinking and eating, try and mix things up with some active catch ups. Why not skip the Friday night cocktails in favour of Saturday morning yoga? Swap the arvo movie for a long coastal walk. Or trade trivia night for a game of tennis. Not only will you feel great, you’ll save money.

5. Petition HR for in-house yoga

Have a spare meeting room? Chat to HR about using it for corporate yoga or Pilates classes once or twice a week. Exercise is a great bonding exercise and a workout will help reduce staff stress and boost productivity.

6. Take a lunchtime fitness class

If your business is too small for in-house wellbeing programs, try and pop out for the occasional, or frequent, lunchtime workout at the gym or pool. A MUCH healthier option than gobbling your lunch at your desk.

7. Take the stairs

If the last time you saw the office stairwell was during a fire drill, it’s time to get reacquainted. We’re not suggesting you walk up 15 flights of stairs every single time, but if you’re on the first or second floor, do you really need to take the lift?

8. Get off the bus one stop earlier

It’s an oldie, but jumping off the bus a stop or two earlier every morning really is one of the easiest ways to increase your daily steps.

9. Limit internal emails

Obviously, you need to respond to your boss’s request and email through that sales report. However, if your co-workers insist on incessantly sending emails back and forth that could be answered in a single conversation, get up and walk across that office. Limit internal emails to the bare minimum and use your legs – and voice – instead.