Functional Movement Screen & Y Balance Tests

Ana Coan

Wanting to improve your athletic performance while reducing your injury risk? At The Alignment Studio, we use the latest musculoskeletal screening tests to identify people who are at increased risk of injury during physical activity.

Physiotherapists Ana Coan and Jane Lau are our resident experts – highly trained in utilising the Functional Movement Screen and the Y-Balance tests with their patients to identify individuals who are at risk of injury due to faulty movement patterns and left or right asymmetries.

Research has shown that people who score poorly on one or both of the FMS or Y Balance tests are four times more likely to injure themselves during their sporting endeavours.

From the results of the tests, our physios can develop a program of corrective exercises to restore normal movement patterns thereby reducing the risk of injury during sport and exercise and increasing performance.

Please call the clinic on 9650 2220 to discuss the FMS and Y-Balance tests with Ana or Jane or to schedule an appointment online for a screening.